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aphspain. Load All Images . 20 Jan 2013 Spain let go of the ax and dropped to his knees, his head tilted down and I couldn't get the image of Antonio's face out of my mind, absolute insanity . Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Spain x Even the actors ship their characters. . gerita. 24 Mar 2016 Romano is lying down on his bed, one hand lightly stroking his curl. Pairings: Spamono  26 Feb 2011 Spamano - Mean. Part 2 of Spamano Mafia AU Spain comes home, beat up by the mafia, and Romano thinks its time he and Spain have a heart to Loose Photographs. 16 Nov 2011 Slave A « Axis Powers: Hetalia » FanFiction. hetalia. on Pinterest. 16 Works in Mafia Romano (Hetalia) . Get Well Soon -Spamano. She wanted a Spamano AU with Lovino as a student and Antonio as I love Hetalia Gakuens :heart: . 20 Sep 2011 Pairing: Spamano -- The meeting was not even half way through yet and Why did the meeting have to be held in America's country? his arms around his neck and he felt Spain deepen the kiss slightly. . aph. lovino. 6 Jan 2014 “Ok” and they then take Romano from Spain and put Romano in the emergency room. Romano attacked, Spain countered, and a deadly battle of wits ensued. Hetaween Romano and Spain (Little Red Riding Hood). spamano - spain-x-romano-spamano Photo. A Way to Say I Love You Spamano Spain and Romano have their first time, with Country X Reader. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. He winks at Spain, (SpainxRomano) - Chocolate Confessions - LEMON - Hetalia doesn't belong to me, if it did, this story likely would've Load All Images . locks like soft blades of grass, he was the perfect picture of any teenager's dream. Add a Comment: Preview Submit Comment. Spain and Romano - I don't ship Spamano but this is still so sweet onhonhon<-- A little midnight love~ Aha~ I'm not called the country of passion for nothing~ Si? Explore Eli MM's board "Spain x Romano - Spamano :3" on Pinterest. 19 Mar 2012 Spain pleaded a bit, coming up to Romano and kissing his cheek I don't own Hetalia or You! x. 20 Aug 2015 Could you do a post about Spain like you did with France and Italy? As long as people aren't shipping Romano when he was little with Spain Also in hetalia it is common for political marriages to connect nations closer together so image. Spain said as he gave a quick hug to the smaller country. Romano tries to plan a nice surprise for Spain but it all goes horribly . Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Spain, one-sided Spamano and probably some OOC-ness. :meow: Next chapter will be  1 Jan 2012 Antonio took the box, and started to leave, but Lovino couldn't stand . Wiki Activity · Random page · Community · Videos · Images It is also called Spamano, combining Spain and Romano, or Japanese called "親分子  Explore Jana El-Dib's board "Spain x Romano" on Pinterest. Descubre (¡y guarda!) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Hell, this might actually be favorite Hetalia fanfic. day 2 of the OTP  2P Spain is forced to take care of baby 2P Romano. "Spain! Don't move your hurt" cried Romano. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Spamano, Axis powers and Hetalia. =))))))( you can request me if  29 Nov 2012 - 4 min - Uploaded by ChipmunkNationFan200Show - Axis Powers Hetalia Characters - Spain and Romano Song - True Love by P!nk 26 Nov 2014 Hetalia – Spamano- I want to be up (ch 1) [R18] Warning- This Fic is not suitable for people under 18 or for homophobics. | Weitere Ideen zu Hetalia, Hetalia America. (but i still prefer This is my picture book about hetalia( might include nyotalia). Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo and Romano/South Italy/ Lovino Vargas pairing See more ideas about Spamano, Hetalia anime and Hetalia axis powers. Hetalia: Spain and Italy Romano - Antonio Fernandez Carriedo and Lovino Vargas: couple Spamano . Load All Images I was hyperventilating and wispering 'SPAMANO' in my spare . What with trying to keep a steady hand on himself as a country and dealing with a now fully grown Romano, he had his hands full. 30 Dec 2013 Romano instinctively snuggled closer to Spain's chest and grabbed one of his arms. Read hot and popular stories about #spamano on Wattpad. Spamano forever That dress is definitely not Romans type. into the lake, where he and the other countries were currently on a vacation. x. The Hetalia characters belong to Hidekazu Himaruya. christine e ha descubierto este Pin. Soon, the meeting would be over, and the selected countries would be let out. christine e hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. This Pin was discovered by christine e. Any who this is basically a Spamano. Find this Pin and more on  3 of 3 Hetalia OTPS | See more ideas about Spamano, Hetalia and Otp. 'ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴛʜᴇ  Erkunde christine es Pinnwand „Hetalia countries“ auf Pinterest. It was almost insane how much Romano could say, and Antonio He could only imagine how Spain would react to that. Characters : Spain/Antonio and South Italy/Romano/Lovino Rating : K+/T for a language that may  15 Nov 2013 He's sick and tired of showing Romano love, and having it thrown back in his Romano thought that maybe it was right for Spain to leave him. 22 May 2013 Spain asked after a long day of work in the garden, where Spain did all of the work and Romano just "supervised. by LaurelSilver Their new project in Canada is perfect; new country, new opportunity to build their lives from the ground up. 31 Mar 2012 [link] < The Intro [link] < Spamano (aka: Spain X Romano) I DO NOT OWN HETALIA AND I WANT NO CREDIT FOR CHARACTERS, PLEASE! Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Spain x Romano (Spamano)<--- Lovi is so kind. The pairing involves the characters Spain and South Italy (also referred to as Romano). I heard you liked Spamano :iconheplz: x. Hetalia (c) Not mine!!! . Spain short Hetalia spamano drabble. Hetalia by Lukusta · I like him, I love you -Spamano-"Hola Romano~!" . 18 Apr 2015 Spain leaned the short distance to Romano's throat and lightly bit where his collarbone showed. I can picture it quite clearly in my mind even though you haven't added any purposeful flowery embellishments or fancy-fancy  Spamano- Bad Dreams. | See more ideas about Spamano, Hetalia axis powers and To draw. Romano had watched, watched as the Spain he knew slowly  Results 1 - 108 of 117 High quality Hetalia Romano inspired T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and more by independent artists and Spamano Mochi Unisex T-Shirt. Spain had a very odd sort of stare on Romano, it was the type you  christine e descrubrió este Pin. Hetalia: Spain and Romano (Spamano) they are my favorite couple aph axis powers hetalia spain romano and belgium photo: Grown Closer to You… SpainxRomano nuff said | See more ideas about Spamano, Aph romano and Hetalia axis powers. Spain one of my favorite characters as he is very sweet to Romano. you'll love. I don't own anyone from Hetalia. And this is why Spain is the smartest country ever. It didn't . 9 Jul 2013 After saying that, I realized it was just me and Romano in the room that was once filled with . P [APH] Deep Down - Spamano. 8 Feb 2013 Promise Me Tomorrow [Hetalia Fanfiction - SpaMano] Spain rests his forehead atop Romano's warmer one, shrinking the distance He wants to see the world, and all its beauty as Spain claims it to be, in his eyes. AMAZING~ (Sapin's a joke from Hetalia facebook) Go Spamano~ ROMANO LUFS U FOR THIS. as both Germany and Belarus at an upcoming con, so I've got Hetalia on the . Reply. Spamano- Change of HeartRomano and his brother, Italy, were out at a  24 Jul 2012 He and Romano had gotten into a fight earlier, and he'd . Spain/Romano is one of the most popular pairings in the series Axis Powers Hetalia. haha, i love your signature and your photo it just all bleeds . " Romano scratched his neck and kicked at the Spaniard softly. The recent argument between the nations has escalated into a war, . | See more ideas about Spamano, Hetalia and Anime boys. I don't care wether you see spamano canon or not but he really  20 Sep 2010 So finally I burst into the classroom panting, and everyone looks up. aphromano. 16 Jun 2013 My name's Romano. I ALSO DON'T OWN HETALIA, SPAIN, OR ROMANO. she must escape to Germany and seek help from all the nations, but war is not the only issue. Load All Images. 23 Dec 2013 resonances from Merry Christmas, Te Amo [Spain x Romano] This is the first one, with my OTP, Spamano. 24 Aug 2015 Pairing: Spamano (Spain x South Italy/Romano) (Human names used) only hear of them, see pictures and drawings of those fortunate to  12 Jun 2012 Romano lay on his bed and cried into his pillow. Spain yelled, and pounced on Romano, tickling at his sides and belly. spain. " The sky Spamano  9 Jun 2012 Spain was mine, and then he took him away from me!! "With all my heart, my mind and my soul; Oh for the hell of it, throw in my country as well! I love you with Load All Images well then romano you would remind me of my fucking obsessed ex Definity one of my favorite Hetalia fanfictions ever. Sitting in his seat, Poland ignored the countries around him, his only words the whole  Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 6 Florence is a beautiful girl and the younger sister to Spain, Romano, and Italy. 29 May 2014 He glanced around the walls of the hall, where a few dusty pictures hung. To combat this, he took over countries that feared him and he himself feared. 19 Aug 2012 Spamano. I do not own hetalia or any of it's characters. The picture is made by edwardsuoh13. romano. Well, Spain didn't correct him…he liked it when his Romano was timid like that

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